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Stratech Scientific Ltd provides over 250,000 innovative and specialist life science research tools for researchers who need consistent, reproducible results. 

primary and secondary antibodies

reagents within the fields of immunology, neurology, cell invasion, thrombolysis, apoptosis and molecular biology 

immunochemistry, fluorescent labelling, protein purification and expression, tissue culture, ion channel indication, microarrays

Corning Life Sciences. Product Selection and Use Guides

Eppendorf products. Cell Manipulation

Irvine Scientific. Cell therapy products


 Editas Medicine
The first startup, aimed to commercialize genome editing by CRISPR/Cas methodology. 



DNA/RNA CLEAN-UP KIT   . For polymerase chain reaction (PCR), qPCR, and next generation sequencing.   Features of the PowerClean Pro DNA and RNA Clean-Up Kits include: efficient secondary purification, removal of challenging impurities, and successful amplification.

MO BIO Laboratories   For info: 800-606-6246 


MICRORNA PROFILING ASSAY   MicroRNA detection with SmartRNAplex requires just three steps: hybridize, label, and report

EMD Millipore
For info: 800-645-5476


Agilent Technologies
For info: 877-424-4536


Clontech Laboratories
For info: For info: 800-662-2566


Zymo Research
For info: 888-882-9682 


Millipore. Antibodies, immunoassays, Multiplexing Assays, Sterile Filtration & Cell Culture Consumables.

Cell Dissociation Reagents

Cell Culture Reagents

Cell Culture Media

Stem Cell Culture

Extracellular Matrices and Advanced Surfaces for Cell Culture


MiroMatrix Medical
The first startup, aimed to commercialize organ decellularization in tissue engineering. 

Integrity™ Bioreactors


Provides large quantities of affordable clinical-grade mesenchymal stem cells for translational studies in regenerative medicine.


Wibi + Works
Pre-clinical stage company, commercializing mesenchymal stem cell-based therapies in diseases associated with inflammation.


BD Biosciences

GE Healthcare Life Sciences


Life Technologies

Pall Life Sciences


Thermo Fisher

iCell® Products

In vivo iPSC generating mouse

Manuel Serrano <>

Solentim. Cell Metric™

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