The Embryonic Development, Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cells Database

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Edgar R, Mazor Y, Rinon A, Blumenthal J, Golan Y, et al. (2013) LifeMap Discovery™: The Embryonic Development, Stem Cells, and Regenerative Medicine Research Portal. PLoS ONE 8(7): e66629. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0066629

LifeMap Discovery   includes information about:

  • Embryonic Development: Cellular differentiation that occurs during mammalian development, including multiple development paths as; blood, endothelium, motor neurons, bone, cartilage and many more... (Read more)
  • Stem Cell Differentiation: Information regarding cultured stem, progenitor and primary cells, along with related differentiation protocols... (Read more)
  • Regenerative Medicine: Medically relevant information relating to developmental diseases, regenerative medicine and cell therapy applications... (Read more)
  • Gene Expression: Gene expression information is supplied for organs, tissues, anatomical compartments and cells, as well as for stem, progenitor and primary cells, reported to be cultured in vitro... (Read more)

LifeMap Discovery is developed by LifeMap Sciences


Use GeneAnalytics to identify your tissues or cells

GeneAnalytics use novel algorithm to match your gene sets to tissues and cells within LifeMap discovery

  •  GeneAnalytics leverages all available gene expression resources, including manually curated data and large scale datasets
  •  Results are classified by tissues and systems
  •  The matching score is based on gene selectivity, specificity and entity type

CellFinder: a cell data repository.

( is a comprehensive one-stop resource for molecular data characterizing mammalian cells in different tissues and in different development stages. It is built from carefully selected data sets stemming from other curated databases and the biomedical literature. To date, CellFinder describes 3394 cell types and 50 951 cell lines. The database currently contains 3055 microscopic and anatomical images, 205 whole-genome expression profiles of 194 cell/tissue types from RNA-seq and microarrays and 553 905 protein expressions for 535 cells/tissues. Text mining of a corpus of >2000 publications followed by manual curation confirmed expression information on ∼900 proteins and genes. CellFinder's data model is capable to seamlessly represent entities from single cells to the organ level, to incorporate mappings between homologous entities in different species and to describe processes of cell development and differentiation. Its ontological backbone currently consists of 204 741 ontology terms incorporated from 10 different ontologies unified under the novel CELDA ontology. CellFinder's web portal allows searching, browsing and comparing the stored data, interactive construction of developmental trees and navigating the partonomic hierarchy of cells and tissues through a unique body browser designed for life scientists and clinicians.

Как использовать этот сайт  How to use this site




I. Nucleic acid sequence, structure and regulation


II. Protein sequence and structure, motifs and domains